Welcome to my blog site.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was in high school,
at a time when the world was young.

Latest from the Blog

It’s a Baby!

My grandson and his wife just visited us. It was a most delightful time. The highlight among just loving on them, and embracing them, and enjoying their company was their little daughter who is 18 months of age. My great grand daughter don’t you know! Who would have thought in the genesis of my daysContinue reading “It’s a Baby!”


Throughout time , many have wrestled with the question, “Why are we here”? There is a passage in the book of Mark, in the New Testament which goes like this, ” love God with all your heart….and love your neighbor as yourself” That pretty much sums it up. Jesus said, ” life is loving”. WeContinue reading “WHY ARE WE HERE?”

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