It’s a Baby!

My grandson and his wife just visited us. It was a most delightful time. The highlight among just loving on them, and embracing them, and enjoying their company was their little daughter who is 18 months of age. My great grand daughter don’t you know! Who would have thought in the genesis of my days as a dad, that one day I would be embracing a precious little one like this sweet child, who without prejudice (of course) is the most precocious , charming, and beautiful little person. It was grand theft, she stole my heart.

Upon their arrived one of the first gestures , apart from piling mounds of stuff in our entry way,( you don’t travel light with babies) was a delicately wrapped gift box , ribbon tied. Upon opening it, my wife and I found this black and white photograph. Now for some dispassionate folks that might look like some indistinguishable blob of blackness. No , No , No!! It’s a baby!! It’s my next great grand child, in the splendor of 15 weeks gestation. The photo said it all, a little head, a body profile, small hands, and a foot. Clearly a baby! Yes, they were pregnant and proud to announce it by way of the ultrasound photo.

But, that’s not the end of the story. My grands had also captured a video from the ultra sound images. There in the middle of that tiny little body, was the beating of a tiny heart. Clearly , a new life, unfolding in the secure confines of the mother’s body, developing as it should with the vibration of verbal love sounds from parents. Secure! Wanted! Loved!

And yet! And yet, I could not ignore the carnage of those little heart beats that are terminated, brutally murdered in utero. Never to embrace the loving attention and nurture to which they are entitled. My grandfather’s heart is torn with gladness and sadness. A little life on it’s way to full term delivery ( prayerfully) with unbounded gladness. Sadness for the profound loss of millions of those little heart beats, who being given life, instead of death, would among them be a life that could change the world for good.

Could it be that one of my great grand heart beats will be one of those change agents for good?

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